Dear Associate/Independent Business Destributor Welcome to "Royal Ayurvedic" This application subject to acceptance, would mean agreeing to become an Independent Business Consultant the terms and conditions stipulated below Declaration by the applicant:

  1. That only upon acceptance of the terms and conditions stipulated herein as well as going through the terms & conditions listed on the website of "Royal Ayurvedic" I* am entitled for Independent Business Distributorship This distributorship entitles me to promote the business, make sales of the company's products and draw incentives in accordance with the Marketing plan, rules and regulations, policy and procedures of the company.

  2. That I* also understand and agree that my status as an Independent Business Consultant in marketing plan of the Company is valid for one year commencing from the date of enrolment and shall be renewable every year at her sole discretion of the Company on payment of renewable amounts as the company decides from time to time.

  3. That the registration shall become effective only after realization of the advance paymetntmade through bank drafts only in favour of "Royal Ayurvedic" payable at Gurgaon. The company reseerves the righy to accept or reject any Independent Consultant Application form and is not bound to furnish reasons what soever. To verify the address of applicant the Company would require one xerox copy of a Driving License, Passport, Ration Card or any other proof verifying the responsibillity of Independent Business Distributor to immediately intimate the Company in writing.

  4. That the company shall nopt be responsible for any cash payment unless it is made at the head office of the company at Gurgaon, in Company's account department only and a proper receipts is taken. The company is liable only after proper cash receipts is issued by the company. That the company has not authorized/apointed / deputed anybody/ any company to collect cash payment on behalf of the company.

  5. That as an independent Business Distributor I* will be solely responsible for incentives or incentives on my part if any, upon acceptance of this application form by the company and the company shall in no way be responsible for any such acts on my part.

  6. I will not be treated as an employee of the Company, and as such, shall not claim an E. S. I. Or fund gratuity, or any other benefits under act presently in force or such act which may come into force in future, including the workmen compensation Act and such other allied labour laws.

  7. That the distributorship once registered cannot be withdrawn and no refund in no case be made. Advance payments made by newly appointed Business Associate shall not be refunded under any circumstances. However he/ she may get the permission for getting the Independent Business Distributorship transferred in the name of any other person with prior consent of the company on remittance of transfer charges, as decided by the company. The Company reserves full rights to permit or cancel the transfer without assigning any reason.

  8. That the Independent Business Distributor shall have no right and title to the land and building and facilities offered.

  9. That in case of any mishappening, the rights and responsibilities of the Independent Business Distributor holder shall be passed on to the rightful nominee as specified in the enrolment from by filling fresh Independent Business Distributor Application form. The nominee shall be bound by the terms and conditions applicable to the original Independent Business Distributor and abide by the company's rules and regulations.

  10. The taxes and levies if any shall be extra as applicable from time to time.

  11. That the Terms and Conditions, Policies and Procedures and commitment are subject to Force Majeure circumstances and natural calamities such as flood, fire, cyclone, typhoon, hurricane, storm, earthquake or circumstances beyond its control like computer breakdown, strike, lockout etc. The company shall not be liable for any damages due to any unforeseen circumstances and force majeure conditions (Acts of God).

  12. That by joining as Independent Business Distributor I undertake not to retain distributorship of any other direct marketing company or network marketing company or any Marketing company. Any distributor found to be working contrary to the rules of operation would have his distributorship terminated mmediately. The network link would be broken at that point. However the senior distributors and new distributors would continue to receive their commissions due to them.

  13. That the amount displayed in any of the incentives income plan can be subjected to deletion process, due to which there can be a reshuffling of the incentives plan.

  14. That in case of an adverse decision of the government effecting the network marketing plan, the Company shall be entitled to challenge its validity, effeciency / authenticity before the appropriate Courts, Tribunal or Authorities and the Company shall in no way be liable for any refund or compensation, the Company can at any time amend/close/withdraw the Present Business/ Marketing Plan.

  15. That all information's pertaining to the Company's strategy, marketing plan, database and Independent Business Distributor details shall be considered as confidential information and will be the sole property and copyright of the Company.

  16. That the Company is competent and enjoys the discretion to amend the marketing plan, rules and regulations, policies and procedures, terms and conditions without prior notice as and when deemed fit by the Company and I* agree to abide by such changes.

  17. That I/We have read and fully understood each and every clause without exception mentioned herein and no other additional promises, guarantees or agreements have been made by the company.

  18. I am informed that I have to quote my ID. No. & Name on all the correspondence.

  19. I understand that no individual is authorised to use co-material for any promotional or advertisement.

  20. That the Company shall not be responsible for any promise/commitments made by me beyond the provisions made by the company in its marketing plan.

  21. I* agree and undertake that in case of any disputes/claim the decision of the Management Committee of the Company will be final and unchallengeable. However all proceedings shall come within the jurisdiction of Gurgaon only. I* agree that a breach of this covenant on my part will make me liable for damages and legal cost of "Royal Ayurvedic"

  22. That I* declare that I* am above 18 years of age, a major under the law of India with the capacity to understand and that all the Terms & Conditions, Rules & Regulations, the Business Distributorship and Promotion Programme have been understood have been translated to me in the language that I understand and that I* am fully responsible for my decision in my perfect state of mind for taking Independent Business Consultant of the Company.* The term I* in the above terms & conditions is hereby reffered to the applicant who is is filling up the application for taking the Company's Independent Business Consultant.